In some occassions customers are in the need for support prior and or after the purchase of our products. Althought all products are shipped with a manual and or technical description, our customer care will support you with your technical service related questions.

In this section you will find information regarding RMA (Return merchandise authorization) procedures and Q&A (Questions and Answers)

Sales Team Meefil B.V.


In the event that products needs to be send or returned to Meefil, RMA procedures apply. The RMA procedure starts with any of 3 possible causes :

Technical problems with the product(s).
Wrong purchase of product(s).
Product(s) does not comply.

The purpose of RMA is to prioritize customer care towards the customer in order to instantly solve your problem. Shipments without RMA reference do not have priority and in most cases rejected by the manufacturer.

We have 4 kinds of RMA procedures :

1. Guarantee, products does not function correctly or failed.
2. Commercial, supply does not match PO or purchase mistake has been made.
3. Repair, products failed and need factory repair.
4. Investigation, technical evaluation report to either find out why product is failed or if product comply to the requirements.

In order to start the RMA procedure (prior to your shipment !) contact us. Customer care will provide the required documents by mail and will offer advice for the best price-worthy procedure.

Sales Team Meefil B.V.


Q. I sent an online inquiry, when do I receive a quotation ?
A. Your request will be delivered instantly upon submission, quotations for standard products usually require 2-4 hours. If we cannot prepare our quotation within this timeslot, we will confirm receipt and further details automatically.

Q. I need urgent support, how do I contact sales during the evening, weekends and public holidays.
A. Our sales department is available as described on our contactpage. For urgent requirements please contact customer care both by phone (voicemail) and email. We will contact you. Please note that extra T&C might apply to this service.

Q. Tell me which T&C apply regarding warrantly and liability.
A. All T&C regarding product warranty & liability is transparant to the T&C applicable for each individual manufacturer/supplier of the product being purchased. As per definition product warranty applies to a product explictly of which failure occurs during startup if the product is installed in accordance with the installation procedures and used in a application for which the product was designed for.

Meefil BV declines any kind of consequential loss(es), regardless if consequences results from warrenty failure(s) or circumstances beyond control, such as delayed or terminated dispatches. Supply, delivery, warrenty and liability are subject to the 'Algemene Verkoop- en Leveringsvoorwaarden' of Meefil BV.

Meefil BV declines all other Terms and/or conditions.

Sales Team Meefil B.V.